Medical profession

We pride ourselves in being up to date with ongoing reforms in specialist training programs and are well aware how these can impact the financial planning of each Doctor.

The benefit of having 70 years experience is that we have stood alongside house officers who have grown into Consultants, General Practitioners, Professors and even Deans.

Having a Doctor on staff has resulted in us becoming acutely aware of just how taxing being in the medical profession is in this day and age. (The word MTAS is prohibited within hearing distance of our Tax department). Especially when you consider that recent reforms and banding schemes have made junior doctors pay incredibly difficult to predict.

Our vested interest in protecting our existing clients has resulted in us undertaking extensive research in the new DoH proposals and analysing their potential financial implications. If you are interested in how these will affect you please call to arrange your free initial consultation.

In addition to our experience of advising those within the profession we have also stood by those that have departed hospital medicine for “greener pastures”. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “in the city”, chasing cosmetic/private practice, sports medicine, law conversions or even training abroad we know we can help you.
From a financial point of view, the medical profession is probably the most complex of all the professions. The growth of private medical plans and hospital trusts and the constant changes to the NHS structure mean doctors need expert and timely advice in financial matters.

We also have extensive expertise in dealing with all areas of Healthcare with our client base boasting Dentists, Hypnotherapists, Nurses, Opticians, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Hypnotherapists, Speech Therapists, and Vets.

Through years of service to the medical profession we have accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with issues such as:

  • Claiming reimbursements from the NHS
  • Accounting for income from different sources such as hospital PAYE work, private patients, and participation on advisory panels
  • Partnership arrangements such as income sharing or joint ownership of premises
  • Advising doctors who are technically self-employed but participate in the NHS pension scheme
  • We have extensive experience in advising locums how best to minimise their expenses and maximise their earning capacity. We can not only set up Limited Companies but can also explain how to use them to your benefit.

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